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The first 2 of 12 lectures needed to get through TUS100

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    Welcome to the course!

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    • What to Expect - A message from Derek

    • How to use this course [thinkific]

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    Chapter 1 - An Intro + the Concepts

    • TUS100-01 The Intro

    • Intro & Concepts - Supplemental Learning

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    Chapter 2 - Some History

    • The History - Supplemental Learning

    • TUS100-02 Some History

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$99 for these first two lectures includes 15% off the remaining 10 when they become available*.

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About the Course TUS100

Sustainability Essentials & The Triple Bottom Line. It's the first in a series of three available courses. In this course, you’ll be learning everything from the history of the sustainability movement to the UNSDGs; All you need to prepare for further learning. These are the first two hour-long lectures of that series and are prerequisites for the rest of the course.

Full course will feature 2 + 10 pre-recorded online lectures, each about 60 minutes long and 12 month's access to a monthly discussion group. Each lesson provides insights, suggested readings, resources, and assessments along the way. 12+ Hours of lecture + discussion in total. Got questions? moreinfo@theunderswell.com

Taught by Derek Sabori - College-Level Sustainability Instructor & Brand Consultant

After taking this 6-week course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the sustainability language that’s used in professional, academic, and social articles

  • Help contribute to your company’s sustainability program (or help build one)

  • Better critique the sustainability claims of brands that are marketing to you

  • Make more conscious purchasing decisions (personally & professionally)

  • Confidently enter the modern, conscious economy and/or classroom

Sustainability Essentials & The Triple Bottom Line TUS 100

Why This Course?

  • Learn at Home

    These are the most unique of times, and being at home has never been cooler. We'll join up as a group via Webex conferences, and assignments and assessments will be posted here on the platform so you can access it all wherever you have wi-fi.

  • The Next Economy Wave Will Be Different

    Sustainability is about people, the planet, future generations, efficiency, justice, regeneration, rethinking, equity, ethics, and more. All things that are at top of mind more than ever before.

  • Boost Your Career

    You and I both know Sustainability and Responsibility in business and branding is the future. Make sure your resume - and your knowledge base - shows that you are ready to contribute to it. When you're done, your grasps of the topics will allow for informed conversations.

  • Sustainable Fashion Advancement

    This course is required before you can take my 2nd and 3rd courses to achieve a certificate of completion for The Underswell Learning Series - Sustainable Fashion. These are the foundational principles you should have before diving deeper into sustainability learning.

Meet Your Instructor

Derek Sabori

Lead Instructor

Derek Sabori

My passion and expertise lie at the intersection where environmental & social sustainability, brands, products, and education collide; especially, apparel and lifestyle goods. I’ve been in the space now for more than 20 years. I cut my chops working in the Design Department at the brand Volcom, and ultimately turned my Merchandising Director position into a VP of Global Sustainability role. I worked under Kering’s sustainability team’s guidance for five years, and have co-founded and built my own Certified B Corp, Kozm; a brand built mindfully, for mindfulness. Most recently, I developed and teach three different Sustainable Fashion courses at Orange Coast College; it’s become a first of its kind certificate program. I've worked with brands like Volcom, Roark, Stance, Billabong, and the Boardriders Group, PJ Salvage, SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturer's Association), and even Sambazon (Acai), and others outside of apparel. Whether you’re working for a brand, a service provider, are a student, a professional, or a conscious consumer looking for advice and guidance, these courses will help you. I'm sure of it.